Asset Preservation & Risk Avoidance

Each property, per the management agreement, shall maintain One Million Dollars of liability insurance with REMN named as additional insured.

Properties with pools require childproof fencing to prevent drowning. One is too many.
Pool fencing mitigates the risk of a suit for negligence on the part of the owner.

Smoke alarms and detectors are checked once a year and replaced as needed by a maintenance vendor. Batteries are replaced to insure good working order over the next year.

Each property has a wall mounted fire extinguisher in an area close to the kitchen where most fires start. The extinguisher is checked at the time the smoke alarms are checked.

During the alarm and extinguisher check, the property will be inspected for any maintenance items the tenant has failed to notice or report. Repair needs will be vended and the tenant billed in the event the tenant has damaged the property and caused the needed repair. The exterior paint, roof and grounds are inspected as well. A full report is sent to the owner and kept on file.

Nonrefundable pet deposits are required from a tenant if the property allows pets. We approve pets on a case by case basis depending on the breed and type of property. All pet policies are with the agreement of the property owner.

HOA issues are dealt with on the day we receive notice from the HOA or the notice is forwarded from the client. Tenant registration forms are submitted as required by the HOA. All HOA rules are made a part of the lease agreement with the tenant. Any fines due to tenant causes shall be paid by the tenant.


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